January 14, 2022

5 TikTok Trends We're Obsessed With

We’ve rounded up the top 5 TikTok trends we’re obsessed with right now and want to tell you why they are so important in unleashing your brand’s creativity.


Whether it be an OOTD, an online shopping delivery, or a PR package unboxing, the tried and tested haul is a sure fire way to showcase your product in new and exciting ways. Its an enduring trend for a reason, because viewers find it engaging on multiple levels - a window into the creators world coupled with helpful product updates. Creators like Lara Adkins and Samantha Todd are ones to watch. By playing with trending sounds, dynamic transitions and themes, their clothing hauls seamlessly weave in brand partnerships, create strong engagement and attract an audience of budding fashionistas.

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Credit: @laraadkins


Everybody loves a skit. Whether it’s Millie Ford impersonating your high school English teacher or Samantha Andrew bringing your favourite childhood memories to life, partnering with TikTok talent who create comedic content can help your brand to reach untapped audiences who are seeking fun and lighthearted content that they can relate to.

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Credit: @milligram96


For the foodies, cooking hacks such as baked oats and feta pasta have gone absolutely viral on TikTok, racking up millions of views, likes and comments in short amounts of time. Priya Sharma is the queen of the morning routine, showcasing her breakfast recipes to an audience of over 1 million every day. The Lebanese Plate has a way of making the most complicated recipes accessible to even the novice home chef. Food brands should definitely look to partner with creators who can work your products into existing food trends.

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Credit: @thelebaneseplate


Say So, Wildest Dreams, Rick and Morty, Mama Said, Wait a Damn Minute… do these trending audio’s ring a bell? The TikTok algorithm rewards videos that use trending sounds, serving this content to users who enjoy the trend. TikTok also highlights trends in the Discover tab, giving your content that extra push. Earlier this year, we worked with Fantastic Furniture and TikTok creators Chloe Grayling, Geneva Vanderzeil and Brooke Styles on transforming their spaces. Each creator documented the process of designing and and putting together their DIY project, highlighting Fantastic Furniture products and using trending sounds to bring the content to life.

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Credit: @genevavanderzeil


The hero we never knew we needed and TikTok creator Emily Zugay, started a unique trend where she tries her hand at designing well known brand logos. Simple, right? No! Emily’s very unique works of art are causing quite a stir, already clocking over 50 million views. Brands like the Washington Post, Tinder, Dorito’s and even TikTok themselves have reached out to Emily for her design expertise, with their comments garnering thousands of likes and replies. In this way, brands can interact with their audiences directly without the cost of a full scale advertising campaign. It’s fun trends like these that keep the TikTok ecosystem going.

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Credit: @emilyzugay

Where do you start?

TikTok can feel daunting for marketers tackling the trends for the first time. Touch base with the team at Squad to see how you can create thumb-stopping TikTok content and kickstart your journey to impactful influencer marketing.